The Useful Muscle Pain Relief Patch

Jan 23, 2019

In fact, the soothing principle of Muscle Pain Relief Patch is based on the principle of hot compress in physiotherapy. It is known that the hot compress therapy can make the local capillaries expand, the blood circulation accelerates, and it can reduce inflammation, reduce swelling, phlegm and dampness, and reduce The role of pain and fatigue.

The heat temperature of the heat application is the optimum temperature after repeated tests by the laboratory for hundreds of times.

OEM Lumbar Muscle Pain Relief Patch can promote blood circulation, promote blood circulation, relax deep muscles, relieve back pain and excessive strain caused by muscles, and not burn skin. Super safe and practical!

4 rows of 16 hot massage areas, around the waist, like a pair of big hands to support your waist, 16 hours of continuous injection of heat, evacuate congestion, relieve stiffness and sore, make you more relaxed!

It is a self-heating to promote blood circulation, soothing sedentary, labor, and waist pain after exercise, making you more relaxed and relaxed!

1. Sitting in the office for a whole day, the office worker who has a backache and pain, apply it, and it works! 2, the mother's old waist, pregnant, with a baby, labor left behind the waist injury, apply a layer, useful!

3, the grandmother's old back pain, apply a tube!

4, exercise, exercise after the muscle fatigue, apply a layer, comfortable!

Muscle Pain Relief Patch

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