10 Minutes To Relieve Cervical Pain

Jan 18, 2019

I work at the desk every day, go to work and play with my mobile phone, and work hard for a long time... When you come back, your cervical vertebra has been severely deformed. After a long period of time, the muscles of the posterior neck muscles, inflammation, soreness, and other problems caused by cervical curvature, and even dizziness, nausea and body numbness.

Common Rehabilitation Therapy Pain Relief Patch are basically square, and they are always unable to be affixed to the cervical vertebrae. The neck cannot move normally, and the plaster is not fully utilized.

This Cervical Pain Relief Patch is ergonomically designed for the cervical spine to create a contoured curve that fits the cervical spine very well, is not easy to fall off, and moves freely. The back is made of medical desensitizing adhesive, which is more viscous and hypoallergenic. It is easy to tear off, so don't worry about leaving unsightly residue on the skin.

Covering important points such as Fengchi, Tianzhu and Shoujing, clearing the head and clearing the eye, and helping to relieve cervical pain.

The traditional massage apparatus is huge and consumes electricity, and the price is high. The use of storage is a big project, and it is extremely hard. And our cervical spine stick can be used anytime, anywhere. When you stick it, take the Dazhui point and lower the head of the cervical vertebral body. It is not the position of the neck.

Staying up late to work overtime, the neck is not painful, and the shoulders are not sour. Housewives who work in housework, tear it in the morning and relax all day.

In fact, this cervical vertebra paste is not only suitable for the cervical vertebra, but also can be attached to the shoulder, waist, abdomen or knees, etc. Where is the uncomfortable place, anytime, anywhere, one tear and use.

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