How To Tell True And False Of Sciatica Pain Relief Patch?

Jan 29, 2019

To distinguish the true and false of Sciatica Pain Relief Patch, the first thing to do is to have a scent from the scent. The products are made of high-grade raw materials and high-purity materials, so the products have no taste. Inferior products use some industrial raw materials or some low-grade raw materials, which produce a pungent smell during the fusion process. Therefore, the identification of true and false can be referenced from the smell, and then from the packaging of the product, the regular warm packaging is smooth when touched, the color is delicate and delicate, the writing pattern is neatly printed; and there are regular and clear barcodes, production addresses and production dates. The unconventional packaging bag is that the overall color is uneven, the color is dim, the feeling is uneven when touched, and the sealing is not uniform and there is a problem of air leakage. You can also see from the inside that a real warm patch is the same size as the product of Sciatica Pain Relief Patch Factory, and the width and height are symmetrical. The edges are neat and the fake warm stickers are patch width and height asymmetry. Neat or slash trend, the patch has a filler on the outside, but also from the product backing, the regular warm paste is not easy to fall off or stick to the hard, and there is a seam at the middle of the adhesive. A strip with no glue, in addition to easy to tear off the adhesive tape, so that the filler is evenly distributed, so that the heat is evenly distributed. And the fake warm paste product is not too sticky, it is difficult to peel off, or it is weak and easy to fall off. From the surface, you can also see the heat inside, and after use, it will leave a lot in the application. Hard to clean.

Sciatica Pain Relief Patch

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