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    Scapulohumeral Periarthritis treatment by self-heating pain relief patch

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Scapulohumeral Periarthritis :

     Periarthritis of shoulder, also known as around shoulder joint inflammation, commonly known as coagulation shoulder, frozen shoulder.With shoulder pain gradually, at night, gradually aggravate, limited function of shoulder joint activity and growing, gradually to some degree, until the last complete restoration as the main performance of around shoulder joint capsule and ligaments, tendons and slippery bursa of chronic nonspecific inflammation.Periarthritis of shoulder by shoulder joint pain and mobility as the main symptoms of common diseases.The disease at the age of 50 years or so, female incidence is slightly higher than male, see more at manual workers.If can not get effective treatment, may seriously affect the function of shoulder joint activity.Shoulder joint may have broad tenderness, and to the neck and elbows radiation, also can appear different degree of deltoid muscle atrophy.

The cause of

1. Shoulder reasons

(1) the disease occurs mostly in the elderly over the age of 40, regression of soft tissue lesions, for a variety of external forces to bear ability;

(2) long-term excessive activity, such as poor posture of chronic injuries force;

(3) after upper limb trauma shoulder fixed too long, shoulder the tissues secondary contraction, adhesion.

(4) the shoulder after acute injury, pull injury caused by improper treatment, etc.

2. The shoulder outside factors

Cervical spondylosis, heart, lung, and biliary diseases, the referred pain of shoulder, because of the primary disease for a long time will make shoulder muscle continuous convulsion, ischemia and inflammatory lesion formation, into a real periarthritis of shoulder.

Clinical manifestations of

1. Shoulder pain

Shoulder is paroxysmal pain at first, most for chronic attack, after the pain gradually aggravate or dull pain, pain or cutting samples, and the persistent, climate change or tired after often aggravate the pain, the pain can be spread to the neck and upper limbs (especially the elbow), when the shoulder accidentally bumped or force, often can cause tearing pain, shoulder pain day light night heavy as a feature of the disease, if the pain caused by cold, are particularly sensitive to climate change.

2. The shoulder joint activities is limited

Shoulder joint activity may be limited, in the direction of the lift on exhibition, outside, inside outside spin spin is more apparent, as the disease progresses, articular and shoulder week caused by long-term waste with soft tissue adhesions, strength gradually decline, coupled with beaks brachial ligament fixation to shorten the internal rotation of the factors, such as the shoulder joint in each direction of active and passive activities are limited, especially the comb your hair, clothing, face, rested on her hips are difficult to finish, serious when elbow function can also be affected, elbow flexion hand cannot touch the same side shoulder, especially when the arm stretched out after elbow flexion movement can not be completed.

3. Afraid of the cold

Aged patients with shoulder afraid of cold, many patients with shoulder pads package, even in summer, the shoulder also dare not blowing.

4. Tenderness

Most patients can touch around the shoulder joint to the obvious pressure point, pressure point more in biceps, shoulder peak decline in the long head tendon groove capsule, rostrum, supraspinatus attachment points.

5. Muscle spasm and atrophy

Deltoid, supraspinatus and shoulder muscles around early can appear convulsion, terminal can disuse muscular atrophy, a bulging shoulder peak, lift on the inconvenience, after stretch not typical symptoms, such as the ease pain symptoms.


The disease mainly adopts X-ray and MRI of shoulder joint:

1. The X-ray

(1) change characteristic of early mainly shows that fat faint shoulder peak deformation or even disappear.Under the acromion fat line refers to the deltoid muscle fascia on a thin layer of fat under the organization in the linear projection on the X ray film.When in the shoulder joint excessive spin a, the adipose tissue in tangent place, and showed a linear.Early periarthritis of shoulder, when shoulder soft tissue hyperemia edema, X ray film on soft tissue contrast, acromion fat line under fuzzy deformation or even disappear.

(2) the middle-late, shoulder soft tissue calcification, X ray film visible joint capsule, synovial bursa, the supraspinatus tendon, biceps long head tendon and has uneven density light and calcified plaque.Late in the course of the disease, the X ray film of calcification shadow density sharp, part of the case shows greater tuberosity bone hyperplasia and osteophyte formation, etc.In addition, in the acromioclavicular joint is osteoporosis, joint hyperplasia or formation of osteophyte narrow or joint clearance, etc.

2. MRI of shoulder joint

Shoulder joint MRI signal around the shoulder joint structure can be determined whether normal, whether there is inflammation, can be used as an effective method and the differential diagnosis of the lesion site.

The diagnosis

According to the history and clinical symptoms can be diagnosed.Most conventional radiography, normal, later parts visible osteoporosis patients, but no bone destruction, can be seen under the acromion calcification shadows.Older or elders course of disease, osteoporosis, X-ray plain film is visible to the shoulder or hills tendons, acromion drop capsule calcification.

The differential diagnosis

Clinical common with periarthritis of shoulder diseases include: cervical spondylosis, shoulder joint dislocation, suppurative shoulder arthritis, shoulder joint tuberculosis, shoulder tumor, rheumatoid, rheumatoid arthritis, and simple the supraspinatus tendon injury, rotator cuff tear, biceps kowtow tendinitis and tenosynovitis, etc.These conditions are characterized by pain in the shoulder and shoulder joint activity function limited.But because of the nature of the disease each are not identical, pathological changes of different parts, so have different comorbid disease for identification.


Currently, the main of periarthritis of shoulder were treated conservatively.Oral anti-inflammatory analgesic, physical therapy, pain points and local closed, medical massage, massage, integrated therapy.Joint function exercise at the same time, including active and passive outreach, rotation, flex and rotation motion.When the shoulder pain significantly reduce and joints are still stiff, but under general anesthesia technique solution, to restore joint activities.

Self massage the steps and methods as follows:

1. Use the palm of the contralateral thumb or from top to bottom with the front of the shoulder joint and the lateral side, the time is 1 ~ 2 minutes, in the local pain points can click moments with your thumb.

2. 2 ~ 4 with the contralateral hand refers to the stomach with the parts at the back of the shoulder joint, the time is 1 ~ 2 minutes, local pain points can be found by rubbing process with your finger click for a moment.

3. With the contralateral thumb and finger joint action of kneading your upper arm muscle of upper extremities, bottom-up kneading to shoulder, 1 ~ 2 minutes.

4. It can also be in the position of shoulder function such as outreach, using the above method to carry on the massage, massage while the shoulder joint various directions.

5. Finally, from top to bottom with the palm palm knead 1 ~ 2 minutes, to shoulder the back massage parts, take play treatment available.

Self massage 1 times a day, adhere to the 1 ~ 2 months, will have better effect.

6.Use the self-heating pain relieving patch :

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