Injuries Of The Soft Tissue Pain Relief Patch

    What is a soft tissue ? how to treat soft tissue injury?, how to prevent soft tissue injuries?

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Injuries Of The Soft Tissue 

Refers to the soft tissue injury of soft tissue or skeletal muscle by direct or indirect violence, or long-term chronic strain caused a major types of trauma syndrome.Organization suffered after the microcirculation, aseptic inflammation, cause local swelling and pain.

The cause of

Soft tissue injuries including a sword, hurt, beatings, contusion, puncture wounds, abrasions, sports injury, the injury has pain, swelling, bleeding, or fracture, dislocation, etc., broad sense also include some internal organs damage.

Clinical manifestations of

swelling and pain as the main performance.The acute phase, and local bleeding, edema, pain.Late for adhesion of muscles, tendons, ischemic contracture, joint inflammation around, even cause joint rigidity.

1. Sprain refers to the indirect violence fascia around the limbs and joints, muscles and ligaments excessive twist, pull, cause damage or tear.Tend to occur in the joint and surrounding tissue joints.

2. Contusion refers to the direct violence strikes or collision body local, cause in the subcutaneous tissue, muscle, tendon injury.Give priority to with direct damage.

Neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, fingers, wrist, knee, stamping, waist and other parts can cause torsional contusion.The waist twisting contusion, the most common among young adults.


1. Symptomatic for treatment.

2. Physical therapy.

3. The drug therapy, in view of the condition of reasonable choose anti-inflammatory analgesic drugs, such as indomethacin, ibuprofen, Finn will possess, helped him Lin, etc.Can also be topical adminstration of stick in the affected area.

4. Surgical treatment.

5. Early rest braking, recovery appropriate functional exercise.

6. Use self-heating pain relieved patch:

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